All products are vegan and ecofriendly!
We never use wool, leather or any harmful materials.

People have received access to clean water for life.

25% of all proceeds go to

Every 25 dollars contributed, gives someone in a developing country access to clean water, for life.

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Around the world, 780 million men, women and children need access to safe water. This negatively impacts their health, keeps children from attending school, and traps millions of people in a cycle of poverty. This all changes when solutions to access safe water are implemented. I know there are a lot of worthy charities out there. I’ve created my own fundraiser for because I believe safe water is necessary for life. The water crisis is something I feel I can help solve. I hope you agree by giving whatever amount you can to support my efforts. For every $25 given by Loresk Apparel, can give someone access to safe water for life. Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, has been helping people develop sustainable solutions for more than 20 years. Together, we can change lives with safe water.

That is why 25% of all Loresk Apparel proceeds go to
Every 25 dollars provides one person with access to safe water, for life.
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