February 10th, 2017

American Idol Finalist Tristan McIntosh posted a shoutout on her Instagram wearing Loresk Apparel.

Pretty amazing! Season 15 finalist of American Idol, Tristan McIntosh posted a shoutout on her personal instagram wearing her light blue Loresk dad hat! Tristan was one of the first celebrities with whom I made contact and it was amazing to have her post our message to all of her followers!

Its really great to have you on board! Your post was the first ever photo featuring Loresk Apparel to get over 1k likes on Instagram! Wow! You stated in our shoutout that you’re not a baseball hat person, but that this one is real cute and you high key dig it – Well thanks a lot! This light blue dad hat has become a classic, our most popular style! We couldn’t have done it without your support, and the support of all those who have purchase Loresk Apparel. Thank you for supporting our business and for providing clean water to those who really need it!