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These ultra light-weight, polarized 400UV protection, Loresk Apparel sunglasses are made of 100% quality maple, with tinted black lenses, they are ready for summer! These glasses are durable with stainless steel hardware, and stylish, without breaking the bank. The legs each bend outward using the glasses’ durable backwards-flex hardware, ensuring the perfect fit while protecting against accidental breakage (Maximum bend demonstrated in photo gallery). The glasses can be folded down to the size of your palm. Each pair can be modified using an eyeglass set.

Each pair comes with a black microfibre clean clothing and microfibre cloth bag as well. The case is made of sustainable cork and is embellished with the Loresk Apparel logo. The case folds down to fit in your pocket for travel, and expands out into a triangular shape for sunglasses storage.

  • 100% maple and stainless steel
  • Foldable hardware.
  • Upgraded modern fit
  • Ultra lightweight 0.8oz
  • Polarized lenses
  • Black tinted lenses
  • 400 UV protection.
  • Engraved Loresk droplet on outer legs + “Loresk” on the inside.
  • Our Loresk droplet logo is engraved onto the lens of these glasses (top right hand corner), yet it’s small, so it wont obstruct your view.
  • Durable stainless steel hardware with backwards-flex protection.
  • Provides 50 days of clean water to a child in need!

Included with each pair:

  • Sustainable foldable cork case with magnetic closure.
  • Black microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Black drawstring travel pouch that doubles as a microfibre cloth to ensure your glasses will always stay spotless

This order also comes with a matching Loresk Apparel necklace, a value of 8$ CAD, absolutely free! This necklace is symbolic of the 50 days of clean water that you have provided and the change that you’ve made in the world.


  • Polished and engraved double sided alloy pendant
  • 50 days of clean water provided Loresk / Loresk’s arrow logo on backside.
  • Quality black dog tag chain & lettering to match your glasses pouch and cloth. – 2.4mm beads, 24 inches in length.
  • With our Loresk Apparel hang-tag, which makes a great rear-view mirror decoration!

Additional information

Weight 1.83 oz
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 7 cm



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