Black silicone PRIDE Bracelet! – Supports Yarmouth’s 1st Parade

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Show your PRIDE with this amazing rainbow (pride) coloured black silicon bracelet! These bracelets come large enough to ensure the perfect one-size-fits all solution!

50% of net proceeds go to LGBTQ+ Alliance Yarmouth in support of Yarmouth’s first PRIDE parade! And of course, for each bracelet sold, 50 days of clean water is provided to a child in need!

Each individually coloured strap makes up the pride colours, and each have a special meaning!

  • Red is for life
  • Orange is for healing
  • Yellow is for sunlight
  • Green is for nature
  • Blue is for harmony/peace
  • Purple/Violet is for ┬áspirit

Bracelet details

  • Silicon (one size fits all).

Additional information

Weight .01 oz
Dimensions 5 × .2 × 2 cm


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