Space bracelet ~ All Planets + Comets & Free Necklace

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Grab yourself an amazing new Loresk Apparel space bracelet which features all of the planets from the sun all the way to neptune (Sorry pluto), and get a free necklace while supplies lasts!

With this purchase you will provide 50 days of clean water to children in need!

Let this bracelet be a constant reminder that though it may seem like the world is on your shoulders, we are all on this planet together, and part of something much larger!

The bracelet contains:

  • The Sun (Large red and orange + sun flares) *Don’t touch, it’s hot!
  • The following blue/grey planet is Mercury
  • Next is the red/orange Venus (where women come from)
  • That’s us! The blue marble – Earth
  • The next tiger’s eye style bead is Mars (where men come from)
  • The following big planet is Jupiter, the largest in our solar system!
  • The next is Saturn, our solar systems second largest planet, made of wood to create the planet’s rings!
  • The following stone is Uranus. (Looks good!)
  • Finally we have Neptune (The planet, not the god of the sea)!
  • Sorry Pluto, you didn’t make the cut 🙁
  • All the other beads are “lava” style beads, which make up the comets and asteroids of outer space!
  • These bracelets contain a durable stretchy inner cord.
  • 19cm in diameter, with a variety of stones from 4mm-15mm (approximately)
  • With our Loresk Apparel hang-tag, which makes a great rear-view mirror decoration!


  • Polished and engraved double sided alloy pendant
  • Quality black dog tag chain – 2.4mm beads, 24 inches in length.
  • With our Loresk Apparel hang-tag, which makes a great rear-view mirror decoration!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × .6 cm

19 cm (standard), 21 cm (larger)


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