March 22nd, 2017

World Water Day 2017 Loresk Apparel creator was interviewed on The Sheldon MacLeod Show – whilst travelling between Yarmouth high school and a university.

On World Water Day 2017, I had the honour of selling Loresk Apparel at my old high school – YCMHS (Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School). This event went great and also allowed for not only the 50 days of clean water per product sold to be provided to children in need, but an additional 3 dollars per sale to be donated to some of the high school’s sports teams. After the event finished, I had a class starting at my university – Universit√© Sainte-Anne. I left the high school driving towards the school when I receive the phone call for my radio interview, so I pulled off the highway and completed the interview.

I ended up making it to class on time, later that day I also went to the Yarmouth NSCC Burridge Campus where I sold some products to a staff member who is going to arrange for me to meet up with some of the business students. He also hosts the Eastlink tv show “In Focus” and would like me to have my own 30 minute episode.

The radio interview archive can be heard below.


The Sheldon MacLeod Show