Newly famous “Backpack Kid” posted a video dancing in one of our shirts.

However, the fun stopped soon after. It came to our attention and we took action.

Here is the text from our response made on instagram:

“We will not be allowing the « backpack kid » to post again. Unfortunately, there was an incident where he shot a bb-gun at the eye of a goat. We only found out about this quite a while after he posted.

I placed a notice on my website stating that we’re aware of this. This company is vegan-owned and is cruelty free in operation, but unfortunately I (the owner) cannot be responsible for what people do after they have already promoted me – much like Kevin Pillar. He supported us, then later made homophobic remarks which we are openly against.

Hopefully this doesn’t affect anyone’s view of the company but I’m going to try to use this as a positive lesson, Hopefully everyone who sees this post will understand that animal exploitation (in any form) is not ok. (this is in our about section of the site, its on the home page banner, my business cards, clothing hang tags, and in my insta bio) – which is why we don’t use leather, wool, feathers, silk, fur or any animal by-products.

On the site we have a non-profit section that still gives 50 days of clean water per purchase, and also gives to Mercy for Animals, Rainforest Alliance, and Red Cross to help the Flint Water crisis. Thank you to those who have supported us and those of you who understand this situation.”

  • We hope you can all understand that we do all things with good intentions, but sometimes other people’s actions do not align with our expectations.

Screenshot taken of his dance which we posted before knew about the incident: