March 8, 2017

Kevin Pillar of the Toronto Blue Jays showing his support for Loresk Apparel.

Kevin Pillar – Superman. Truly humbled to have Kevin Pillar supporting Loresk Apparel. On March 8th, 2017, because of Kevin Pillar, over 3000 days of clean water was provided to children in need. Having his support has made Loresk a staple in the fashion industry for Bluejays fans in and around Ontario, Canada.

Imagine waking up to your phone flooded with notifications, emails, Instagram alerts, & texts, all because of this post.

Kevin truly did an amazing this by posting a photo on his personal Instagram account. The photo has reached over 15k likes, something which I never thought possible.

This is a prime example why our slogan is derived from the bible – Isaiah 58:11. Because blessings truly do happen when you rely on God, and all of this work is not possible without outside support. Thank you Kevin for showing your support and for your shoutout on Instagram, and thank you to all of our supporters who have purchased Loresk Apparel and provided clean water to those who need it.