Loresk Apparel Tapestry / Flag

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This Loresk Apparel flag can is 5 feet wide, 3 feet high and can be used on any conventional flagpole. This flag also doubles as a tapestry which can be hung on your bedroom or dorm room wall!

  • Gives 50 days of clean water to a child in need
  • has 6 metal holes (1 on each corner – & 1 on the mid-top, and 1 on mid-bottom).
  • Double sided sublimation printed with a high quality photo of the ocean. This matches the ocean on the under-bill of our waterfall hats and our waterfall hoodie liners.
  • Side 1: Loresk (with logo) Never Run Dry
  • Side 2: 50 days of clean water provided
  • You could technically use this on the beach, or as a window curtain, a bedspread, a terrible sleeping bag, its your life!

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Weight 8.25 oz
Dimensions 25 × 28 × 1 cm


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